Google ***** -Brooke Araujo

 I went from no eyebrows at all (due to my alopecia) to a beautiful natural look.  I can't believe I waited to do this.   I am so happy with the results and so happy I chose Marie to do them.  She is so kind and patient and really knows her stuff!  I was really impressed with the sterilization measures she takes, also (I am a nurse). 

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Facebook ***** - Miranda Lozano

 Love them! She is very responsive and curtious! Great bedside manner and always assures your comfortable throughout the procedure. I have had no issues and couldn't be happier with the results! 

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Google ***** - Karla Gibson

 I visited to have Mari fix someone else's bad job.  She was very responsive during the booking process and answered my MILLION questions about how she would correct what was done before.  During the visit, she worked patiently with me to ensure the design was just right before starting the procedure.  She even used a much stronger anesthetic- it hurt before but not this time!  The results are beautiful!  Her studio is very nice and she is awesome! Thanks Mari!  I'll be back. 

Google ***** - Jennifer Osborn

 After seeing some of the recent news stories about infections and botched results, I was really cautious in choosing who did my brows.  I was impressed with Mari's knowledge about the whole process and also with the level of care she took in the initial design and the work.  Her training and experience really show and she is a pleasure to work with.  Also, everything was sterilized and packaged for my individual procedure, the cleanliness was immaculate, and the attention to contamination prevention was obvious.  Super professional, highly recommended! 

Google ***** - Miranda Sparks

 I visited last month and completely forgot to leave a review for this sweet lady.  She is so compassionate and patient!  I returned today for my touch up and even though I thought everything looked perfect, she took her time and made it even better. I love my new eyebrows and Mari is a true artist and a sweetheart! 

Google ***** - Esmerelda Gonzalez

 I was so scared to have microblading for the first time.  I had tattoos done 7 years ago and I hated them!  After going in for a consultation to have Mari explain what she could do to help, how she would use two processes to cover the old tattoos, etc , I made an appointment.  Three hours later and WOW!!!  I am so happy I had this done.  Now my brows look so natural and full and you can't even see the old tattoos!  So nice  to look in the mirror and see this instead of fake green stripes! 

Notice how no two sets of eyebrows are the same.  We don't use a generic pattern--we work with each client to create a unique design to the client's taste and to complement facial features.

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