Shading / Micropigmentation / Ombre



The technician uses either a manual tool or a tattoo gun to implant pigment more evenly  over a larger area.  This is basically the equivalent of adding powder or eybrow pencil to the brows. There are numerous applications:

  1. In combination with microblading to darken the overall eyebrows while maintaining the look of individual hairs.   
  2. In combination with microblading for the "Ombre", or "Powder" effect, where the ends of the brows are dark and they fade to lighter as they reach the front of the face.  This is for clients who want a fuller effect than individual hairstrokes alone, but  a softer effect than even filling.
  3. In combination with microblading to blend the microblade work in with exiting permanent tattoos.  *Note, if you have existing tattoos, we generally require you to purchase this additional service*
  4. Stand alone for solid, Ombre, or Powder eyebrows without hairstrokes.

Because, as in microblading, the pigment is only implanted under the epidermis, this technique is still semi-permanent and will fade away over time, with about the same lifespan as microblading.